Friday, April 21, 2017

Intimate Garden Wedding

Wedding Couple: Rui Jian & Michelle 
Wedding Venue: Putrajaya Shangri-La 
Makeup Artist: Jade How 
Wedding Photographer: 

Welcome Signage

Garden Wedding 

Here comes the bride

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Steampunk Rustic Styled Shoot

A collaboration giveaway contest with The WeddingScoop & HelloJanelee was held last month with overwhelming response from couples that are tying the knot. It was not an easy decision for TWS to pick the winning couple, as all the submissions describing their dream weddings were both original and heartwarming.

Alas, it was Erica Choy who won the contest through TWS meticulous selection process. She’s a gorgeous bride-to-be with a huge love and for Travel Notebooks. You can check out her fantastic and creative TN posts on Instagram (@erica_choy). Her ultra hipster fiancĂ© Shaen has a deep passion for guns (no..he’s not a terrorist) and spy action movies (i.e Kingsman & Jamesbond) provided comedy relive during our loaded day of shooting. We absolutely adore the both of them.

After several meetings to discuss the theme of the wedding we decided to challenge the wedding norm by going with Steampunk Rustic Theme. This completely met Shaen’s anachronistic tech and retro-futuristic fantasy and Erica’s dream of dawning a black gown. The theme also complimented the rustic venue we chose:

With limited planning time and the unique requirements of theme it was a mad rush to meet the dateline while sourcing for products for the theme. The initial plan was to order props from oversea due to availability issues of Steampunk related props but in order to meet the dateline we had to DIY most of the props. The biggest effort and satisfaction came from my DIY Dreamcatcher that I hand wove for 1 week.

Thanks to endless hours and teamwork this project was a complete success! A huge shout out to The Wedding Scoop, Bliss Chamber (Gown Designer), CallyMakeup (Hairdo&Makeup) & HelloJaneLee (Wedding Photographer)

Please check out these amazing photos by HelloJaneLee.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Arjun & Julie - Simply Elegant

Make up Preparation

Wedding Favors - Malaysia Kaya from 

Makeup & Hairdo by 
Wedding Cake by

Photography by