Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Before Meeting the Wedding Decorator....

If you wonder what you should do before meeting up with your wedding decorator, I am here to share with you some tips.
~ Do some research on the theme you like, get to know the names of some type of flowers(especially the one you favor!!)
~ Set a budget for your decoration (ranging from minimum to maximum)
~ Check with the confirmed venue, whether decorators are allowed or do they firstly need to fill permission forms to allow them access to the venue.
~ Check also if the confirmed venue provides a time frame for your decorator to do the setting up or preparations for your decorations.
~ Check for additional charges if there’s requirements to operate the air-conditioning at the venue few hours prior to the wedding or any other hidden costs involved.
~ Finally check out the website of your decorator of choice, their port folio or promotional packages before contacting them personally.
~ Additional cost saving methods include, checking with your best friends or relatives to see if they will be willing to engage the same decorator to negotiate for a better offer!!!

What you should ask or confirm with your decorator:
~ Are they booked with another customer on the date for your big day?
~ Are they familiar with the venue? Arrange for the decorator to visit the venue before going into the discussion.
~Have they done an event with the similar theme(you want) before? If yes, do they have any photos to share?
~ What do they think about the theme? Is it achievable with your current budget? If not, do they have any better ideas?
~ Is your budget sufficient? Do not hesitate to share it with them as this will assist them to provide better options/ideas.
~ Will they sketch the decor (roughly what they will use for the decor) if it is a customized design?(Mockups are usually billable to the customers, unless such themes has been done before, in which you may request for pictures.)
~ Can you visit their upcoming events to sample their handiwork? This is a good way to gauge if their skills and professionalism are up to your expectations.
~ Can they itemize the billing? Make sure the payment methods are clear before confirming the package. Get everything in printed in a “black & white” quotation & check before you sign the agreement.

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