Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Norble Banquet at Bkt Bintang, 24.05.09

I have been thinking to update my blog since last week but I have been too busy with wedding discussions and preparations of late. Alas, I've finally manage to sneak some time out of my busy schedule to compose a short entry.

Yup! We were at the Noble Banquet Restaurant in Bukit Bintang last week on 24.05.09 for a wedding decoration. The wedding reception's theme color was champagne and baby pink, hence we went with roses matching the theme for our floral decor. FE was in charge of supplying the wedding favors as well, which was a nicely packaged miniature ivory "Precious Moments" wedding notebook, completing the immacute wedding scene. Therefore, I would like to share with you our 'efforts' and some samples of our handiwork below. Enjoy!

Chair Decor

Reception table with enlongated flower posies

Wedding favors ~ Wedding mini notebook

Flower aisle stands along the walk way

Chair decor for B&G

Designed napkin ring for main table

Bridal bouquet

Main table decor

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  1. Hi Agnes,

    Both Chen Yei and Me are fine!We are happy with your service, wedding gifts & flower decorations.
    The decoration are nice and flowers are awesome.
    We are glad that we the pink hydranger as the highlights of our VIP table decorations.
    The pricing of the flower decoration package is reasonable & affordable too.