Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wedding Venue ~ A White Wedding-worthy location

As some of you might know, one of the most famous wedding venues in KL, Carcosa Sri Negara has recently ended it's services indefinitely. It was a great shock to me as a wedding decorater when my client broke the news. It was as though Lennon was shot all over again. Carcosa left a void and some large shoes to fill.. it is not everyday that you come across a cottage perfect wedding venue as such.

However, rising from the ashes I recently found a diamond in the rough location that might actually meet such perfect garden wedding expectations. It's an unnamed ivory bungalow located off Jalan Gasing. Although it's never going to be like the 'original', I find it to have great potential as the next best location for garden receptions. This venue came highly recommended by the director of Jay's Perfect Dreams, Mr. Jayan and I'm completely sold! The soft emerald carpet grass lawn married with with the immaculate magnolia structure of the building and coupled by it's serene hill side locale makes it a White Wedding Worthy gem; hidden and unscathed by the suburbs of PJ. Alas, a picture tells a thousand words and I'll let mine speak...