Friday, April 17, 2009

Wedding Venue ~ Church Wedding, St Francis Xavier, Jln Gasing

To have a wedding ceremony in a beautiful church is every little girl's childhood fantasy (one of mine at least). Like a typical marriage setting in a romantic Hollywood movie: a nice church in Italy, a gorgeous groom and a pretty bride, stunning wedding decorations, 2 sets of happy parents and a bunch of close friends. We all at one point dreamt of being there.

I Googled the church's information after speaking to my client who is going to have her wedding ceremony at the specified venue and I found their website. This is to better respect the sanctity of this sacred venue and to ensure that we adhere to the rules of this church prior to prepping for the wedding decorations. A small price for pay for being able to make 2 persons dream wedding come through.

Here are the dos & don't s wedding guide for this church, I got them from their website.

1. Make sure that your wedding does NOT fall on the following days as SFX does not solemnize marriages on these days:
a) Public Holidays, Sundays & *Mondays
b) Two (2) weeks before and one (1) week after Easter
c) One (1) week before and after Christmas
Note: *for exception please refer to the office
2. Come personally so that you may be briefed properly. DO NOT send a third party to make the wedding booking for you.
3. Remember to confirm your wedding booking two (2) months before your wedding date. Your booking deposit will be forfeited if you fail to do so.
4. Do not have your marriage civilly registered BEFORE you have completed the PNE with the priest. The Pre-Nuptial Enquiry (PNE) is done to make sure that you do not have any impediments to the marriage.
5. You are advised not to send out invitations until the PNE has taken place and dispensation (if any) has been obtained.
6. Please ensure that the bride, bridesmaids and lady lectors are attired appropriately to be in a place of worship, e.g. no plunging neckline, bare back, mini skirts, high slits. etc.
7. The throwing of confetti or blowing of soap bubbles is strictly not allowed in Church. It is difficult to clean up in time for other Masses.
8. Do not make last minute changes to the names of your witnesses once they have already been recorded in the Marriage Register.
9. Please be punctual for your special day. Do not be late as it may affect other Mass arrangements or disrupt the priests' other schedules.
10. The commentators and readers are to be selected by the couple. They should be Catholics.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wedding Venue ~ V-Garden Restaurant,Klang

Jessie & I visited the V-Garden Restaurant today. This restaurant is located next to Plaza Centro in Klang. The building has 2 stories, and my client had booked the restaurant on first floor as his wedding venue. He actually wanted the ground floor (the ground floor of the restaurant has just been newly renovated) but it was already booked by another wedding couple.

V-Garden provides some basic decorations in their package, which includes ceiling drapes(as the photo attached), an artificial flower arch, several artificial flower poises for the main table & organza decorations for the staircase. The layout of room is not entirely favorable as it houses a total of 8 pillars but V-Garden makes up for it with 4 LCD screens and 2 television sets ensuring that guest can have a better view of the event at hand. The maximum pax for this venue is 600 persons.

Attached below are some photos of the restaurant:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Before Meeting the Wedding Decorator....

If you wonder what you should do before meeting up with your wedding decorator, I am here to share with you some tips.
~ Do some research on the theme you like, get to know the names of some type of flowers(especially the one you favor!!)
~ Set a budget for your decoration (ranging from minimum to maximum)
~ Check with the confirmed venue, whether decorators are allowed or do they firstly need to fill permission forms to allow them access to the venue.
~ Check also if the confirmed venue provides a time frame for your decorator to do the setting up or preparations for your decorations.
~ Check for additional charges if there’s requirements to operate the air-conditioning at the venue few hours prior to the wedding or any other hidden costs involved.
~ Finally check out the website of your decorator of choice, their port folio or promotional packages before contacting them personally.
~ Additional cost saving methods include, checking with your best friends or relatives to see if they will be willing to engage the same decorator to negotiate for a better offer!!!

What you should ask or confirm with your decorator:
~ Are they booked with another customer on the date for your big day?
~ Are they familiar with the venue? Arrange for the decorator to visit the venue before going into the discussion.
~Have they done an event with the similar theme(you want) before? If yes, do they have any photos to share?
~ What do they think about the theme? Is it achievable with your current budget? If not, do they have any better ideas?
~ Is your budget sufficient? Do not hesitate to share it with them as this will assist them to provide better options/ideas.
~ Will they sketch the decor (roughly what they will use for the decor) if it is a customized design?(Mockups are usually billable to the customers, unless such themes has been done before, in which you may request for pictures.)
~ Can you visit their upcoming events to sample their handiwork? This is a good way to gauge if their skills and professionalism are up to your expectations.
~ Can they itemize the billing? Make sure the payment methods are clear before confirming the package. Get everything in printed in a “black & white” quotation & check before you sign the agreement.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Wedding Venue ~ Flower Drum Restaurant, Bukit Bintang

Flower Drum is a famous Chinese restaurant for holding wedding receptions, located in Bukit Bintang, KL. This restaurant has 2 stories, ground floor which houses the restaurant that mainly serves ala carte Chinese food and the ballroom which is on the first floor.
The ballroom can fit in up to 600 pax for a wedding reception setting with the exception of a few pillars blocking several guest tables on the left. Flower drum provides their own wedding decoration package but they only use fully artificial flowers. Lacking originality, I’m quite confident that the restaurant has reused the flowers numerous times. To my personal opinion, they are look tired, overused and hideous!!
The theme of this upcoming wedding which FE will undertake is “Mickey & Minnie”. For all you Disney fans out there, FE will try our very best to make this memorable & magical!!! After visiting the venue, we can’t wait to share our many ideas with the lucky couple. We swear we will share with you all the extravagances once the wedding dinner is over. Decorators honors!

The backdrop provided by Flower Drum.

The artificial flower aisle stand provided by flower drum.

Reception area

Wedding Venue ~ Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant


Today Jessie and I went to Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant. This place was introduced by my friend’s sister who is going to have her wedding ceremony and dinner on Jan 2010 at this location. We have never decorated this restaurant before and it was our first visit.The restaurant is located at botanical garden in Putrajaya Percint 1. It is surrounded by very beautiful landscaping. I am deeply in love with the lakeview because it is a very relaxing atmosphere. More so if you are travelling all the way from KL.
The bride and groom just met up with us last week for a discussion. They had choose the Red & white theme and gerbera will be the theme flower for their wedding. Hosnestly speaking, we are cracking our brain for the solemnization part of the wedding. The restaurant has plenty of place but it is hard to find a place that can cater for 80 persons in theatre style seating. This is due to the fact that they have too many gazebos staggered around the place. Finally, we found the perfect area to hold the ceremony… Whooooh problem solved!
The restaurant can fit a maximum of 25 tables but the only dissapointment is the table arrangements have to be staggered which is not a formal banquet setting. For couples who prefer a more casual setting, this is will not pose as a real issue.
The perfect place for a photo shoot

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Awesome Wedding Decoration Package

It is already 1st April 09, OMG this is going to be my first blog of 2009.What am I doing? Well, I’ve been quite busy with a few wedding decorations lately! Of course I am also trying to design more new wedding favors.

You will notice our website has changed if you are our regular visitor. We have taken out lots of our imported favors, decide to focus on wedding favors made locally. Honestly speaking imported wedding favors are expensive and in such trying times cost and quality is everything. We believe the quality of locally made products are as good if not better than imported products and you are getting more for a lesser price, as the cost to produce such quality goods are lesser here.

We introduce to you the Awesome Wedding Decoration package which is only RM1,800nett. The B&G will receive 200 heart shape fridge magnets (wedding favors) FOC if they sign up the package with us within this promotional period. This is the ultimate value for money package FE has to offer. We are not only giving good quality fresh flowers but will also be throwing in special one-of-a-kind handmade ornaments. We personally guarantee that it’s both budget friendly and a breathtaking wedding masterpiece!!! So please contact us if you are interested.