Monday, November 22, 2010

A dream come true garden wedding for Jo Lynn & Michael

I remember first time I met Jo Lynn, She told me that she always wanted a Garden wedding (comparable to those in a climate country). However, in Malaysia weather is a key factor in defining if a garden event is possible due to it's unpredictable nature. With any garden weddings in a tropical climate, the risk of rain was 50/50 and Favors' had to roll the die on this one. But with the blessing of God and the promise of great weather, the event was a dream come true!!! This auspicious event took place in Bangsar Seafood Restaurant, which housed one of the best kept secret "garden" in Kuala Lumpur. The venue allowed Favor's Essence to showcase our creativity and awaken the full potential of a simple setting and realize a dream of couple in love. The wedding theme colors were yellow and purple, which is also straying away from the norm of traditional wedding palates. We believed strongly in the choice colors of our wedding couple and with this believe married with Favor's creativity, the end result was not less than a match made in heaven! But credit has to also be given to Jo & Mike, for handpicking the ivory laced fans and umbrellas and also DYI-ing the tree ornaments. This completed and complimented the setting with the couple's personal touches, making the perfect garden wedding theirs forever!

Ornaments DIY by the couples

Flower baskets, petals & program booklets provided by B&G

 Posies arrangement for solemnization ceremony

Flower aisle stands

Happy couple matching on their aisle

The lace umbrella provided by JoLynn and flower arrangement by Favors Essence

Flower aisle stands

Yellow Pompom flower balls for flower girls

Reception table decor

Flower arch decorated with yellow pompom flowers & tea light candles

Lace fan provided by JoLynn, flowers arrangement by Favors Essence