Friday, April 17, 2009

Wedding Venue ~ Church Wedding, St Francis Xavier, Jln Gasing

To have a wedding ceremony in a beautiful church is every little girl's childhood fantasy (one of mine at least). Like a typical marriage setting in a romantic Hollywood movie: a nice church in Italy, a gorgeous groom and a pretty bride, stunning wedding decorations, 2 sets of happy parents and a bunch of close friends. We all at one point dreamt of being there.

I Googled the church's information after speaking to my client who is going to have her wedding ceremony at the specified venue and I found their website. This is to better respect the sanctity of this sacred venue and to ensure that we adhere to the rules of this church prior to prepping for the wedding decorations. A small price for pay for being able to make 2 persons dream wedding come through.

Here are the dos & don't s wedding guide for this church, I got them from their website.

1. Make sure that your wedding does NOT fall on the following days as SFX does not solemnize marriages on these days:
a) Public Holidays, Sundays & *Mondays
b) Two (2) weeks before and one (1) week after Easter
c) One (1) week before and after Christmas
Note: *for exception please refer to the office
2. Come personally so that you may be briefed properly. DO NOT send a third party to make the wedding booking for you.
3. Remember to confirm your wedding booking two (2) months before your wedding date. Your booking deposit will be forfeited if you fail to do so.
4. Do not have your marriage civilly registered BEFORE you have completed the PNE with the priest. The Pre-Nuptial Enquiry (PNE) is done to make sure that you do not have any impediments to the marriage.
5. You are advised not to send out invitations until the PNE has taken place and dispensation (if any) has been obtained.
6. Please ensure that the bride, bridesmaids and lady lectors are attired appropriately to be in a place of worship, e.g. no plunging neckline, bare back, mini skirts, high slits. etc.
7. The throwing of confetti or blowing of soap bubbles is strictly not allowed in Church. It is difficult to clean up in time for other Masses.
8. Do not make last minute changes to the names of your witnesses once they have already been recorded in the Marriage Register.
9. Please be punctual for your special day. Do not be late as it may affect other Mass arrangements or disrupt the priests' other schedules.
10. The commentators and readers are to be selected by the couple. They should be Catholics.

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