Friday, April 3, 2009

Wedding Venue ~ Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant


Today Jessie and I went to Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant. This place was introduced by my friend’s sister who is going to have her wedding ceremony and dinner on Jan 2010 at this location. We have never decorated this restaurant before and it was our first visit.The restaurant is located at botanical garden in Putrajaya Percint 1. It is surrounded by very beautiful landscaping. I am deeply in love with the lakeview because it is a very relaxing atmosphere. More so if you are travelling all the way from KL.
The bride and groom just met up with us last week for a discussion. They had choose the Red & white theme and gerbera will be the theme flower for their wedding. Hosnestly speaking, we are cracking our brain for the solemnization part of the wedding. The restaurant has plenty of place but it is hard to find a place that can cater for 80 persons in theatre style seating. This is due to the fact that they have too many gazebos staggered around the place. Finally, we found the perfect area to hold the ceremony… Whooooh problem solved!
The restaurant can fit a maximum of 25 tables but the only dissapointment is the table arrangements have to be staggered which is not a formal banquet setting. For couples who prefer a more casual setting, this is will not pose as a real issue.
The perfect place for a photo shoot

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  1. So where did you do the solemnization for the 80 pax at last? I am facing this problem as well. Thinking to get the Vine Garden for the ceremony coz I got at least 200 pax, more headache! Though the cave area is the nearest but it doesn't look that nice by itself.