Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wedding Venue ~ Jarrod & Rawlins, Garden

I came across a branch outlet of Jarrod & Rawlins recently which is a perfect place for a garden wedding. The venue is a refurbished bungalow with a beautiful garden terrace setting nestled in quiet locale of Jalan Dungun in Damansara Heights (next to The Courtyard restaurant). Food wise, Jarrod is no longer a stranger in Klang Valley as they provide massive selections of gourmet style deli food with signature dishes such as bacon sandwiches, pork knuckles, gourmet sausages as well as their infamous "Hang-over Breakfast"(My personal favorite!).

I have recently visited them for a weekend brunch and really enjoyed their Al Fresco style dining, complimented with a serene sun-drenched environment and good food. You can also choose their cozy air-conditioned indoor fine dining section if you not an outdoors person.

The restaurant's garden terrace fits an estimate of 120 to 150 persons for a garden ceremony in theater style seating. This area is surrounded by lots of trees which provided ample shade for sunnier days. You may also fit your guest into the open balcony section overlooking the garden for the "makan" session during the event. As mentioned above, if you are not the "one-with-the-great-outdoors" type, you may choose to have a private party setting at the air conditioned fine dining section which serves both brunch and dinner. Lastly, the theme color of this fine dining establishment is black, white & beige which are palette friendly to floral decor.

You may visit J&Rs website at for more information. I am sure they provide some wonderful packages for private events. They have personally mentioned that wedding functions are welcomed. So do give them a tinkle if you are interested.

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