Monday, July 13, 2009

Register of Marriage

A ROM(Registration of Marriage) is a must-do legal procedure to ensure that your marriage to your spouse is recognized by the government of any country. Most couples choose to do their ROM before the actual wedding reception but there are also couples who prefer to have their ROM plus the reception on the same day. The ROM ceremony can be performed in several places in the Klang Valley, from favored places like Tian Hou Gong to a simple procedure of just registering at the JPN or Jambatan Pendaftaran Negara (which contacts can be easily goggled from the web). As expected, Tian Hou Gong's charges will be higher than that of JPN's. There's also a 3rd option of inviting the registrar (from JPN) to do the ROM at your dream wedding venue of choice for a fee of RM500 nett. A small price to pay to have your ideal outdoors ROM in any preferred location!! Perks of having your outdoor ROM: Firstly, no queuing required. Secondly, you get to choose your dream wedding venue, customize the wedding decor & activities. Lastly, you can invite more guests, friends and relatives. It is not difficult to own your unique outdoors ROM. FE is providing the service of personalizing your dream ROM now. We can custom make packages to fit your every wedding needs. In short, just say "yes", we will provide the rest and our very best!

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