Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Simple Sakura Spring Themed Wedding

I always adored a Sakura themed wedding as it symbolizes an emblem of eternal love and affection. Sakuras are thought to be good omens in the Japanese culture and it is a perfect representation of springtime in most Asian countries. The cherry blossom signifies a perfect marriage of contemporary
style with traditional roots and like all weddings it's timeless and will never go out of style.

Being a wedding planner, weddings have always been an everyday recurrence for myself. Thus, for my own wedding I decided that simplicity coupled with elegance was the best way to go. I wanted to avoid going into "work mode" or worst still, becoming "Bridezilla". I left most of the design work and floral decor ideas to my partner Jessie and focused only on the wedding program and coordination (can't leave everything to chance right?) This was made more bearable thanks to the assistance from my sister in law, Mei and her best friend Angie. Their experience working with events made all the difference in coordinating, MCing and the overall flow of the wedding.

As for music, we decided to set the mood with jazz classics from the 60s like Sinatra, Cole and even a touch of 70's pop from the Fab Four. Our march-in theme was immaculately tempo-ed by the sweet serenade of Old Blue Eye's - L.O.V.E!!! Alas, the biggest compliment we got for the song selections was that many of our guests decided to "steal" a copy of the wedding mix tape after our event to set the mood to their own weddings or that of their children and relatives.

My wedding venue housed only approximately 30 tables and we decided to keep the guest list to a moderate size, as with my extensive experience working with wedding events a crowd of around 300 guests is definitely easier to manage and you can really make it a more personal and casual evening. I recall having actually to remind my guests to take their seats in the main hall as they were over enjoying the pre-wedding cocktail mingling  at the lounge area which took casual to a whole new height. Nevertheless, I loved the idea that the guests were comfortable and everyone felt at home and like a family - mission accomplished and I actually had the time and appetite to enjoy the food that evening.

FE's Recipe for making a Simple yet Elegant Wedding Event:

Wedding Venue: Gurney Hotel, Penang 
Wedding Theme: Champagne, Pink, Green, Sakura 
Flowers: Cymbidium, Roses, Sakura, Eustoma
Wedding Cake: Jenny's bakery, Penang
Wedding Favors: Peanut Candies From China 
Florist: Jessie Poon, Favors Essence
Wedding Gown: Aspial Bridal House, Penang
Wedding Rings: Love Diamond 
Accessories: Mikimoto Pearls
Evening Gown: Jason Yek 
Hair do: Yaki Chang (my sister who is incidentally a full time hair stylist)
Make up: Phyllis Tan (my aunt who is incidentally a make-up artist)
Photographer: Kid Chan Studio

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