Monday, February 14, 2011

Je t'aime, Paris de l'Est!

Gong Xi Fatt Chai & Happy Valentines Day!!

In order to commemorate the Lunar Chinese New Year and Valentine's day, Favors Essence has created a fabulous dessert bar for weddings to cater for our Oriental Parisian Chic wedding theme. 

Many brides have difficulties deciding their theme colors come wedding crunch time and the over abundance of choices does not really help to simplify the task. Favors Essence has handpicked a set of niche and unique selection of theme colors and designs to ease the confusion. To ensure that you can never go wrong, we have picked only the hottest and hippest theme of the season and thrown in our own personal twist.

This year, Valentines day coincides with the 12th day of the Lunar Chinese New Year and we have chosen an Oriental/Parisian palette of Darling Red, Peach Pink & Turquoise Blue to mark this special occasion. We totally adore the color combination as it retains a sense of traditionalism that complements the romanticism in way of Wong Kar Wai's In the Mood For Love. FE has also dropped the fresh flowers in this theme and introduced handmade paper rosettes, windmills, paper fans and pompom flowers in jars, all for the sake of bringing Paris chic closer to the east.

We personalized little "喜喜" fans and seriously believe that this will be a great choice for replacing the cliche bridesmaid wrist corsage or bouquet which has been done over and over again.
We threw in the Dim Sum baskets with the patriotic sash ribbons to complete the wedding look for this Valentines/Lunar New Year! They are utterly adorable & highly practical for storing cakes, candies and other surprises-in-a-box. Alas, FE hopes that you will allow us the opportunity to inject a little "Ch-ance Romance" theme into your dream day!!  S'il vous plait profiter les photos and 谢谢!!

Cakes & Desserts by: Donna Lo from My Patisserie
Photos by: ChinYin Lim   

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