Sunday, July 13, 2008

Black is New Red!!! ~ Braserrie Laplace 12/07/08

If you are staying around the PJ area, and you are planning to have a quaint 150 pax wedding reception and a unique theme wedding, look no further. Check out the Brasserie Laplace as my personal recommendation to you.

Chances are you may have heard of this restaurant - it’s located in PJ’s Uptown SS21. I believe lots of you might have even visited once or twice. This European fine dining restaurant is 2 floors above the HSBC bank in Uptown and I have finally got a chance to test the food yesterday. All I can say is “Compliment to the Chef!”. The food was amazing and so was the ambiance. The restaurant area is spacious and cosy. Service is good, and waiters were attentive. Brasserie Laplace is decorated with contemporary style furniture with a smart Black & White theme. The bubble designed wallpapers, elegant chandeliers, round or square glass dining tables and black ergonomic tall chairs compliments the decor immaculately. I personally love the design of the chairs. The establishment is divided into two sections : Non-smoking and smoking, with a retractable wood and glass partition. This allows the venue to house more people if the event/function requires it. Take note that they do cater for private events in buffet or ala carte western style settings.

The black and white theme wedding is a sizzling hit in countries like the US but here in Malay
sia we are still rather conservative with the color choices. Many wedding couples or family’s in Malaysia still “pantang” or shun the colour black to be used in auspicious events, especially with Chinese couples whom will prefer go for “Hong” or a red theme decor. But to break tradition and take a bold step forward - Black is the new Red. I have personally handled a black & white themed Malay wedding reception in Sheraton Subang Hotel and I’ve got nothing but praises on the classy and unparalleled boldness of it’s decor. A good daring choice will give your wedding guests a night to remember in the years to come or even inspiration for their next wedding.

Take a moment to imagine the restaurant enhanced with summer white lilies, luscious red & pink roses and laced with pearls ornaments. There’s even a private room near the entrance which one can turn into a changing room for the bride. Convenience and class combined and you don
’t even need to blow your budget in these “troubled” times.
If your fascinated with the brazen black & white theme, you can visit this website : for some ideas.

I love this wedding gown from Audrey Hepburn. A perfect wedding piece for a perfect dinner setting.
Unique wedding favors are also one of the highlights in a wedding reception!
Comment for the restaurant:
Food : GoodFood Presentation: Good
Service: Excellent
Cleanliness : No complaints
Price : Reasonable
Parking : Fine for Saturday and Sunday night

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