Saturday, July 26, 2008

Favors Essence's Idol ~ 25.07.08

Favors Essence has a new idol. The idol is “tang tang tang tangggg” MangoRed from Philippines, they was introduced by our partner – photographer Mr. Huannchin.

Not sure whether you have heard of them. They are brothers and they have mentioned they are not only photographer but artist. Their artworks really impressed us!! We love them very much. The angles, the moments, and the graphics…really cool stuffs. You have to check this out!!

You can visit their website at

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  1. hi Agnes,

    Yes, I have heard about them and the photos are awesome. When the time I browse for photographer, I thought their are 'mat salleh'...Surprisingly,they are from Philippines.Hmm...I think the Malaysian photographers should improve themself more. You may google an american well-known photographer, named Ben Chrisman, sure you will understand,photo speaks more than thousand words.Have a great day!